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Data protection notice for the cooperation platform ‘marktreif.berlin’ of Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce

The website www.marktreif.berlin and the cooperation platform to which it provides access, namely ‘marktreif.berlin – Business meets Research’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘marktreif.berlin’) is a service provided by Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce for the benefit of those seeking information and partners (hereinafter referred to as ‘the users’).
The following data protection notice applies to all users of marktreif.berlin.
The operators take the protection of your personal data very seriously, and comply rigorously with data protection legislation. They are therefore keen for you to know which of your data is stored, when it is stored, and how it is used. In addition, technical and organisational measures are taken to ensure that the data protection regulations are observed by both the operators and external service providers.

Processing of personal data

The processing of personal data at marktreif.berlin proceeds in strict compliance with the relevant data protection provisions of the Berlin Data Protection Act (BlnDSG), the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Telemedia Act (TMG).
Personal data is information which might be used to establish your identity. This includes such information as your name, email address, postal address and telephone number.
It is perfectly possible to use the online services of marktreif.berlin without revealing your identity. However, if you register with marktreif.berlin for our personalised service, i.e. to post the profile of an institution or company, and/or a personal profile (as a researcher, student or postgraduate), then we shall also ask you for personal information.
In such cases, personal data shall be processed to create your personal profile, thus enabling contact to be made and established between those seeking partners, and helping them to exchange information.
For registration, we require your name, your email address, your respective field of innovation, and a statement about whether you are creating a personal profile or a profile for an institution or company; you must also select a password. We shall use encryption to store this information.
Following registration and your first log-in, you can enter additional data as a user when voluntarily creating your profile (name, address and telephone number in the case of researchers, staff, students, postgraduates, etc.; data required for creating the profile of the institution or company or for the project or cooperation request, key words, business logos, photo(s), the year in which the company was established, turnover and classes of goods, the number of patents applied for, the size of the workforce, and information on previous collaborative ventures; in the case of research institutions, also the umbrella organisation, percentage of external funding, number of research assistants / professors / students, achievements, subject areas, specialisations, subordinate and parent institutions, etc.).
If a field is marked as mandatory, the data must be entered; other fields are optional.
Users are able to edit or delete the data contained in the profile of their institution or company, their project or their cooperation request. If the ‘store’ option is chosen, then once the profile, cooperation request or project has been approved by the editors of marktreif.berlin, it shall appear on the website and be publicly accessible. The publicly visible profile can then be found and displayed in the search results of search engines.
Every time a user accesses marktreif.berlin and every time a file is retrieved, anonymised data about the process is stored in a log file. It is stored exclusively for internal system-related and statistical purposes. Pseudonymous user profiles are not created. The details of the data set stored upon each retrieval are as follows:

  • Name of the retrieved file
  • Date and time of retrieval
  • Volume of data transmitted
  • Notification of whether data retrieval was successful
  • Description of the type of web browser used
  • Anonymised IP address

This raw statistical data shall be deleted within no more than ninety days.

Disclosure of data

If an institution, company or other interested party seeking cooperation makes an inquiry, the operators shall direct them only to profiles, projects or requests for cooperation which have already been published. The collected data shall never be sold or disclosed to third parties under any circumstances.

Deactivate tracking


When the website is visited, so-called ‘cookies’ are stored on the user’s computer. Cookies are small text files which identify you as the user and can store personal preferences relating to your use of the website, but also technical information. We use cookies to improve the structural quality and content of marktreif.berlin and to facilitate smooth, user-oriented navigation, thereby making your online visit a more pleasant experience altogether. However, if the user enters personal information on the website, this may be linked to the data stored in the cookies.
Of course, it is also possible to use the content of the site without cookies. You can prevent cookies from being stored on your hard disk at any time by opting to disable them in your browser settings.
However, it is important to note that some areas of the website may not function properly if the user’s browser is set to block cookies or similar technologies. The information obtained using cookies is linked to other information which might make it possible to identify the user only to the extent necessary for use of the website’s services.

Piwik web Analysis

This website uses Piwik open source software, which makes a statistical analysis of visitor access. Piwik also uses cookies so that your use of the website can be analysed. The user information generated by the cookie for this internet service is then stored on our web server. The IP address is immediately anonymised, so that we shall remain unaware of the user’s identity – we also use the ‘AnonymizeIP’ plugin. The data which is collected is not disclosed to third parties. You can prevent the cookies from being installed by adjusting your browser software accordingly. However, it is important to note that if you do so, you may not be able to use all of this website’s functions to their full extent.

By using this website, you are consenting to data collected about you by Piwik being processed in the aforementioned manner and for the above purpose. However, if you have any objections to this, simply click on the link below:
Objection to the use of Piwik web analysis

You can decide here whether or not a unique web analysis cookie may be stored on your browser to enable the operators of the website to collect and analyse various statistical data. If you object to this, click on the following link to store the Piwik deactivation cookie on your browser.

Your visit to this website is currently being recorded for the purpose of Piwik web analysis. Click here to stop your visit being recorded.

Please note that if you object to the use of Piwik web analysis, an opt-out cookie shall be stored on your computer. If you have adjusted your browser to prevent the storage of cookies on your computer, you may have to reactivate this function if you make repeated use of the marktreif.berlin website.


If marktreif.berlin contains links to third-party websites, this data protection notice shall not apply to these external sites. The operators accept no liability for the content of third-party websites which the operators do not adopt as their own.

Right to information, deletion and correction

Users are entitled to amend their data and have data which has been recorded inaccurately corrected at any time.
Users may revoke their consent at any time, and delete all personal data from the profile of their institution or company, their project or their cooperation request, unless we are under a statutory obligation to retain the data for a particular period of time. In such cases, we shall delete the data immediately on expiration of this period. Moreover, all data shall be deleted automatically by the operators if the specified purpose for collecting, processing or using the data no longer exists, for instance if marktreif.berlin is discontinued, or if violations against the terms of use are identified which do not cease despite a request to this effect.
The users of marktreif.berlin may also obtain information about the personal data held about them at any time.

To assert their rights, users can contact IHK Berlin by email at datenschutz(at)berlin.ihk.de or in writing at IHK Berlin, Datenschutz, Fasanenstrasse 85, 10623 Berlin at any time; no special form is required.

Contact details

Questions, suggestions or comments on the subject of data protection in relation to this website and cooperation platform can also be sent to IHK Berlin at any time, either by email to datenschutz(at)berlin.ihk.de or in writing to IHK Berlin, Datenschutz, Fasanenstrasse 85, 10623 Berlin; again, no special form is required.

Rev.: 4 November 2014.