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Haptic System Technische Universität Berlin (Zentrum für geistiges Eigentum)

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Haptic interaction systems are an essential part of what is known as virtual reality (VR). Today, VR is one major tool in product development. Today one can mainly differ between two different haptic systems: small desktop devices or large devices as used in aircraft or automotive manufacturing.
Desktop systems offer a high mobility but they are limited in the achievable dynamics, work space, spatial resolutions and representable forces. The larger devices have a much bigger work space and can display higher forces. However, those systems are mostly stationary, have a high weight and the user is located within the working space leading to an enhanced injury risk.


Technical Description

The newly devloped haptic device is a combination of desktop and larg systems as it is transportable and allows to display high loads with only little weights. This is possible due to a specific combination of serial and parallel kinematics – the special 3-axis kinematic structure. Due to a special arrangement of the kinematic structure it is possible to locate the user outside the working space and thereby reducing the injury risk. Altogether it has been developed a mobile haptic device with high dynamics, large representable forces, a huge working space and good spatial resolution.


Potential Applications

Due to the enhanced dynamics and the mobility of the haptic device it can broaden the areas of application in product development or any interactions between humans and 3D surroundings.



  • High dynamics

  • Enlarged working space

  • Large representable forces

  • Mobile usage

  • Cost-effective

  • Easy manufacturing


Development Stage



IP Rights

DE, PCT application pending, Priority April 2014


Patent Owner

Technische Universität Berlin


Chances for cooperation

  • Licensing

  • Patent Sale

  • R&D cooperation

Art der Kooperation:
Teilefertigung / Kleinserienfertigung / Prototypenbau


Technische Universität Berlin (Zentrum für geistiges Eigentum) Jeanne Trommer

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Technische Universität Berlin (Zentrum für geistiges Eigentum)

Das Präsidium der TU Berlin hat das Zentrum für geistiges Eigentum (ZfgE) mit dem Ziel ins Leben gerufen, den Technologietransfer an der TU Berlin zu vereinfachen und als zentrale Anlaufstelle für alle am Technologietransferprozess Beteiligten zu fungieren.

Im ZfgE werden die mit dem Technologietransfer zusammenhängende Gestaltung in der Praxis und die wissenschaftliche Auseinandersetzung mit Fragen des geistigen Eigentums unter einem Dach zusammengefasst. Darüber hinaus soll das ZfgE der zentrale Ort für Forschung, Lehre und Weiterbildung auf dem Gebiet des Immaterialgüterrechts werden.

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