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Single Antenna FMCW Radar Front- end Technische Universität Berlin (Zentrum für geistiges Eigentum)

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Common techniques to solve the problems of single antenna front-ends (demand for high isolation to ensure continuous operation mode) are duplex switches or circulators at the front-end for connecting the antenna between transmitter and receiver. However there are still disadvantages of such solutions. The power handling capacity of the switches and the loss encountered in them degrades both the transmitter and receiver performance and it is very hard to create compact modules with small form factors with such implementations.


Technical Description

With the new technology an improved isolation method for integrated circuits is available to be used in the high frequency transceiver front-end of a FMCW radar system. To achieve the improvement 2 circuit processes are synchronized with each other and thus the transmitter and receiver are turned on or off at the precise moment. By the synchronization the isolation properties are clearly improved leading to much better transmitting characters. A further aspect of the proposed technology that improves the isolation characteristics is the by several dimensions smaller receive signal compared to the transmit signal. Thus an asymmetrical setup of the RF-switch is possible that reflects the unequal pattern of the transmitting and receiving signal.


Possible Application

The presented technology could be used in (wireless) communication for local positioning systems (e.g. museums, harbours) and distance detection for cars.



  • High isolation between transceiver & receiver without external switches

  • Higher isolation allows much smaller designs below 1 mm2

  • Easily suitable for mass production

  • Prototypic chips are existing


Development Stage



IP Rights

Granted German Patent

US patent application pending

Priority 06/10/2011


Patent Owner

Technische Universität Berlin


Chances for cooperation

  • R&D collaboration

  • License

  • Purchase

Art der Kooperation:
Teilefertigung / Kleinserienfertigung / Prototypenbau


Technische Universität Berlin (Zentrum für geistiges Eigentum) Jeanne Trommer

Dokumente zum Download

Technische Universität Berlin (Zentrum für geistiges Eigentum)

Das Präsidium der TU Berlin hat das Zentrum für geistiges Eigentum (ZfgE) mit dem Ziel ins Leben gerufen, den Technologietransfer an der TU Berlin zu vereinfachen und als zentrale Anlaufstelle für alle am Technologietransferprozess Beteiligten zu fungieren.

Im ZfgE werden die mit dem Technologietransfer zusammenhängende Gestaltung in der Praxis und die wissenschaftliche Auseinandersetzung mit Fragen des geistigen Eigentums unter einem Dach zusammengefasst. Darüber hinaus soll das ZfgE der zentrale Ort für Forschung, Lehre und Weiterbildung auf dem Gebiet des Immaterialgüterrechts werden.

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